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Jiangsu Halreal Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. is Iocating in baoying county, Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province, which is close to the Beijing-hangzhou Grand Canal ,only two kilometers away from Beijing-Shanghai Highway and less than three kilometers away from high-speed railway station. Our company mainly manufactures sheet metal parts for various vehicles, including BYD, Trumpchi, Ford,Changhe, Iveco, and so on. Our products have been sold all over the country and have also been exported to other countries, including Brazil, Egypt, Russia, the United States and the Middle East......



What are the characteristics of auto parts rack?

From the current development of domestic auto parts enterprises, on the whole, it is still at a low level. There are many production enterprises, but...


Common problems in the application of automotive stamping parts

The common problem of dies in production is that the dies always break the punch. There are many reasons for breaking the punch. Generally, the thickn...


Attach importance to welding process of automobile parts

The quality of auto parts is the premise to ensure the quality of the whole vehicle, and the welding process is undoubtedly the basis to ensure the qu...


Pay attention to the inspection of automobile sheet metal parts when purchasing

check whether the trademark is complete. The outer packaging of authentic products is of good quality. The writing on the packaging box is clear and t...


Cutting treatment in automobile sheet metal processing

The cutting processing of automobile sheet metal parts is not only to change the shape, but also to deal with the thickness and other aspects. In this...


High technology and high brand barriers in the field of auto parts

Compared with the high-tech and high brand barriers of traditional fuel vehicles in the field of auto parts, new energy vehicles are regarded as a new...


Automobile sheet metal parts need to rely on professional technicians

With the development of the times, many foreign automobile mold manufacturing technologies are gradually replaced and covered by computer technology....


Surface treatment methods commonly used in automobile sheet metal processing

In recent years, we should all see that China's independent brands are constantly improving, the key core parts are also rapidly improving, the sales...


Cold stamping materials are closely related to the production of automotive stamping parts

Titanium is a metal material commonly used in the processing of precision automotive stamping parts. Titanium alloy is an alloy material composed of t...


Precautions in trimming process of automobile sheet metal parts

With the change of transportation, the rapid development of automobile industry is followed, especially the development of automobile sheet metal trim...


Selection principle of stamping die for automobile stamping parts

Selection principle of stamping die for automobile stamping parts


Automobile sheet metal industry is in an important period of development

With the intensification of the market competition of automobile stamping parts, domestic parts enterprises gradually increase the R & D investmen...

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